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Norsk Display delivers high quality displays for extreme conditions.


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Unique weighbridge and process displays with IP65 protection.
European design and manufacture combined with free & impressive support makes it a safe buy.
A selection of text and numeric displays, LCD for elegant low power and extended life or LED for a more eye-catching experience.

We'll ship to any corner of the world.

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Finding the right product can be a challenge. Trust us, we know. There are some important parameters to consider; so feel free to look through this little guide and contact us for more support.

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Again: the beautiful 150mm: We have decided to first release a 6 character version of the display. You’ll be able to use it as…

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Now showing Pad Charger

A versatile charger for a host of available pads. 24Vdc input and 80W output at selectable voltages; 5V and 12-18-19-20V.