Norsk Display AS offer a range of standard displays and control electronics for demanding environments as well as for the office.

After more than 20 years in business Norsk Display has the expertise and experience to design and build the best performing display systems. Many early installations are still in service around the globe, proving the impressive quality of our low power LCD scoreboards.For customers with special requirements, we offer engineering, design and production of a selection of display technologies. And it often ends up as surprisingly affordable solutions.

Our products are in use in most countries today. One of our strengths is to follow up any customer, from the end user to the Fortune 500 buyer for all levels of support.

Norsk Display takes the environment seriously. The products are environment-friendly, and are designed to withstand harsh conditions over years.

For those more interested in economics, we DO care about MTBF, LCC and TCO. It comes quite naturally – with the right focus and some effort.

Norsk Display has been delivering high quality displays for over 20 years
unique LCD range of displays could well be the most reliable scoreboards available from stock.
It comes with
impressive support throughout its expected life of 20 years.
When designing LED signs, we select only the best suppliers for
longer life and extremely few failures.